Cosmic Cushion

$58.00 each

Cosmic Cushion


The most comfortable and affordable meditation cushion (zafu) available. Its unique "fortune cookie" shape provides a natural downward slope, which rotates the hips forward and creates a comfortable upright position for the back. The extensions on the side support the thighs during long meditations. The central cutout allows the heels to rest naturally close to the body.

This economy version is available with Kapok (a dense cotton-like substance) or Buckwheat Hull fill. The Kapok fill offers firm support and can be shaped to your needs.
The covering is made of durable cotton twill fabric and can be cleaned with mild detergent and a damp cloth. It also has a   
built-in handle so the cushion can be carried with ease.


Dimensions: 22" W x 15" D x 6 1/2" H  Kapok Weight: 3 1/2 Pounds
Buckwheat Hull Weight: 6 1/2lbs  Buckwheat Hull version has a zipper to allow for adjusting the hulls.

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