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Bliss For Me: Rising Above The Physical

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I couldn't agree more with Eckhardt Tolle's teaching on "The Stillness of Space", below as he reveals the challenges with over identification with the world of form. This mindset creates a great amount of confusion, fear and sadness and an emotional rollercoaster effect in life. We often don't know why we feel the way we do and why nothing seems to make us "feel" better. The opportunity is for one to explore "letting go" of the self-created identity and its relative position with the world. This may be as simple as understanding that there is duality within the mind, or it may require one to go deeper into spiritual practice where we create moments where we can observe our minds, sit in stillness focusing on the present and watching how the attachment to forms and concepts when not going "our way" creates fear, anger and suffering. This will allow us to live more fully without depending on others and things to be the focal point of our existence.

"When you are no longer totally identified with forms, consciousness—who you are—becomes freed from its imprisonment in form. This freedom is the arising of inner space. It comes as a stillness, a subtle peace deep within you, even in the face of something seemingly bad. This, too, will pass. Suddenly, there is space around the event. There is also space around the emotional highs and lows, even around pain. And above all, there is space between your thoughts. And from that space emanates a peace that is not “of this world,” because this world is form, and the peace is space. This is the peace of God.

Now you can enjoy and honor the things of this world without giving them an importance and significance they don’t have. You can participate in the dance of creation and be active without attachment to outcome and without placing unreasonable demands upon the world: Fulfill me, make me happy, make me feel safe, tell me who I am. The world cannot give you those things, and when you no longer have such expectations, all self-created suffering comes to an end. All such suffering is due to an overvaluation of form and an unawareness of the dimension of inner space." - Eckhardt Tolle



 Review by Bliss In Me Meditation, May 2, 2014




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