Our Philosophy

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We take a contemporary approach to teaching the art and practice of meditation. Bliss In Me makes this ancient art accesible and relevant to the issues and mindsets of today's culture by talking in everyday terms and addressing real life issues.

Our Vision
The multicultural urban haven for people who want to gain an understanding of how to use their spiritual energy to tap into their divinity through prayer and meditation to lead more peaceful, prosperous and joyous lives. We encourage them to spread that joy and peace to everyone they meet, creating an outreaching web that changes the world through peace, harmony, love, kindness and compassion.

Our Mission
To create a sacred environment where people feel safe, relaxed and at peace amidst a chaotic world. To teach spiritual meditation principles that enable people to move beyond their current stations in life, to live and be the true divine spiritual beings they are. We inspire and motivate.

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